Bappet Circus


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Zoltar, the Master of Ceremonies, narrates an entertaining story about Chippy, Chappy the Clown's son, who loses his smile. As Chippy searches high and low for his lost smile, Chappy takes him to the best circus performers hoping they can help. However, Chippy plays tricks on them and insists they can't help him find his smile. Despite their efforts, Chippy's smile seems lost. Feeling sad, Chippy learns from his mother that he can achieve anything with hard work. Will he get his smile back? Come and discover how the circus can help Chippy and Chappy...

Come and enjoy this show full of entertainment and charming characters for the little ones. Share with your students a story full of laughter and values.


Nothing will make you happier than sharing your smile with the ones you love!

Genre Puppet Show / Musical Comedy

Length 45'

around the world
Bappet Circus