It’s the early 1920’s and Dr. Oscar Frankenstein, a renowned scientist, decides to visit his famous grandfather’s mansion in Germany. Oscar is eager to settle in his grandfather’s lab and investigate his work. His colleague, Dr. Frida Berger, joins him in the task.
Just as the two scientists are about to leave, Oscar’s fiancée and famous movie star, Mandy Glitter, shows up at the station with her agent, Mr. Brooks, and the scientific plans are changed by an unexpected proposal. They are offered a large sum of money in exchange for a Frankenstein dummy to appear in one of Mandy’s movies. This seems to be a very good deal!
However, things will not be so easy for them in the mysterious mansion. As the scientists search the old laboratory looking for further information to make the perfect dummy, Oscar finds his grandfather’s notebook and a thrilling secret is revealed! Will the past help them complete their task? Can old Frankenstein’s legacy interfere with love?

Join us to find out what is going on in this seemingly haunted mansion, and get dazzled by the funny and spine-chilling events that lead to the most hilarious ending!


The future is a mystery, but the past can change our present plans!

AGE LEVEL CEFR Cambridge University Examinations Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Trinity College Exams Trinity - ISE
8+ Pre-intermediate to Intermediate A2 (Waystage)
B1 (Threshold)
Flyers (YLE) / Ket Pet Quickmarch / Breakthrough Grades 3/4 ISE 0

Genre Musical Comedy Length 55'

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