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Master Cat

Mrs. Twain decides to leave her most precious belongings to Geoffrey, Emily and Ben. One gets the mill, the other gets the donkey, and Ben gets the cat. A bit disappointed at first, Ben soon finds out the feline can speak. On top of that, he learns that the cat has got super magical thoughts! He is Master Cat!
Dressed in fine clothes, boots and a hat, there's nothing impossible for Master Cat, who will help Ben get all that he needs. A special dinner with a King and his daughter? A castle left by an ogre? Anything can happen if you keep your faith and your friend is... Master Cat!

Join us in this super magical tale and maybe YOU TOO can have super magical thoughts.


The power of love is always present in our lives.

AGE LEVEL CEFR Cambridge University Examinations Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Trinity College Exams
4+ Young Learners A1 (Pre-Waystage) Starters / Movers Firstwords / Springboard Grades 1/2

Genre Musical Comedy Length 50-55'

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