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Robin Hood

A long time ago, a brave king called Richard leaves to fight in the Crusades leaving his sister, Princess Joanne, to take over the throne while he is away. However, she is not as fair as her brother. With the help of the sheriff, she forces people to pay high taxes. Robin Hood decides to fight for his people, so he starts stealing the tax money to give it back to the poor. One day, he meets Marian, the King's niece, and they fall in love. Princess Joanne knows they are in love and will use this information to catch Robin.

Will he fall in her trap? Will an archery contest decide their future?
See this wonderful play and find out.


Is it right to do wrong in order to help others?

AGE LEVEL CEFR Cambridge University Examinations Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Trinity College Exams Trinity - ISE
8+ Pre-intermediate to Intermediate A2 (Waystage)
B1 (Threshold)
Flyers (YLE) / Ket Pet Quickmarch / Breakthrough Grades 3/4 ISE 0

Genre Musical Comedy Length 55'

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