It’s the year 1950. John, William and Henry are typical defiant teenagers in high school, who don’t care at all about learning or understanding the world they live in. They are always late, never pay attention in class and love playing pranks.
However, they go one step too far when, pretending to be someone else, they send Ms. Rachel a letter asking her out on a date. The literature teacher falls for the trick and gets quite excited until another student, Juliet, warns her of the cruel trick. Ms. Rachel is so mad that she wants to get the boys expelled, but Juliet convinces Ms. Rachel to give them a chance. They will be allowed to stay if they manage to stage a Shakespeare play and perform it successfully in front of the whole school by the end of the semester.
With Juliet’s help, John, William and Henry strive to put on a show before time is up. They begin a journey through the world of the famous English playwright. This experience will teach them not only about human nature, but also how to see things in a way they never expected.
Will they have enough time? Will they be able to make the show a success and avoid being expelled? One thing is for sure, they are certainly going to get more than they have bargained for!

Come and join us on this journey through the world of Shakespeare’s plays and watch literature come to life.


Get ready to dive into Shakespeare's world and have a true Shakexperience!

AGE LEVEL CEFR Cambridge University Examinations Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Trinity College Exams Trinity - ISE
Teens & Adults Upper-intermediate to Advanced B2 (Waystage)
FCE / CAE / CPE PTE General Level 3
PTE General Level 4
Grades 7/8/9
Grades 10/11
Grades 12

Genre Comedy Length 60'

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