The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs, Peter, Patrick and Pepper. Since they were already fully grown, it was time for them to move on their own. Before they left, their mother gave them a word of advice, something to help them, something nice. She said, “Whatever you do, do your best.”
The three of them looked for the perfect place, ready to build their own new space. Peter built a house made of straw, Patrick built a house made of wood and Pepper built a house made of bricks. Whose do you think was the perfect pick? The Big Bad Wolf came roaming around and I bet you can’t guess what he found!

Join us on this wonderful folk tale, which will catch you right from the beginning, and help kids learn that doing our best is always our greatest option!


Dream big and believe in yourself.

2-6 Beginner

Genre Puppet Show / Musical Comedy Length 45'

How to enjoy this play?

At Your School Available in CABA and GBA NEW CITIES COMING SOON!