Season 2017
Our Plays

Each of our plays has been carefully crafted to suit a different age group, taking into account the vocabulary and grammatical complexity of each level and selecting stories and characters that make students feel deeply engaged in the play. All our plays include or have an excellent light display, and distinctive, top quality set and costumes.
Beyond the visual impact our shows become an unforgettable and holistic experience in which no detail is left aside.

Complementary Material

All the plays include complementary material to integrate the theatrical experience with classroom work before and after watching the shows. This material contains workpacks, original music and lyrics, posters, videos and photos, which can be found in our multimedia CD- Rom or downloaded from our webpage.


Our workpacks are specially designed to suit different academic levels. Each workpack is divided into 3 language levels , and contains class activities. Therefore, they can be used according to the students needs and language level.

Our Cast

BAP boasts a talented and professional cast. Our artists do not only speak perfect English, but they also dance and sing live in all performances.