14th Annual Congress of Applied Drama - GLOBAL EDUCATION: TEACHING BODY, SOUL AND MIND

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15th Annual Congress: Teaching through the Arts.
Beyond the Classrooms Walls.

A wall limits and divides. It also prevents you from seeing what lies on the other side. However, at the same time, a wall holds the roof above your head and gives you shelter.
We are living a change of Era similar to that experienced during the Industrial Revolution: the massive access to digital media imposes an expansive and exponential logic which does not stop to consider existing realities. What used to be static and fixed has now turned volatile and liquid. Students today carry a library in their pockets, a library of a new kind. It has no waiting rooms or quiet. On the contrary, it claims for permanent attention. Nowadays, information flows at the speed of sound but it sometimes hits hard against the classroom walls.
To “look beyond the classroom walls” means to understand the educational process as something much more complex than the picture portraying a class of students gathered together, to learn. If education does not take into account human bonds, feelings and emotions, or the tensions that affect young people’s everyday lives, it is bound to fail. As teachers, we need to understand time and space as reality vectors. We must learn to see differences and individualities, and to cater for the richness of this new world.

This year’s edition of our Congress seeks to find opportunities to reflect on learning pace and attention spans, to provide you with tools to tackle what is fixed and static inside the classroom, to rethink teacher-student roles and relationships and to invite you to build a new and more inclusive educational bond.
Likewise, we would like to share with you what we are really great at: Teaching through the Performing Arts.
It ’ll be our pleasure to see you all there again!

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