14th Annual Congress of Applied Drama - GLOBAL EDUCATION: TEACHING BODY, SOUL AND MIND

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“16th Annual Congress : Teaching through the Arts”
Intellect – ment: Knowledge or Enterainment?.

Have you ever felt you need to “entertain” your students at all times so that they don’t zap you out of their attention? That they’d like to click and so pass on to something else rather than to follow your class plan? That they can be glued to screens but fail to concentrate on print and conversation? That the body can now be reduced to a pair of thumbs on a touchscreen? That students find it hard to deal with diversity in the classroom? Well, you’re not alone.

In our next conference we  invite you to go on reflecting on the role of the arts in language education by bringing the world outside the classroom into it and challenging the concept of “edutainment”.

·         Is there room for different media (drama, painting, games, entertainment products, digital text, social media) in the language classroom beyond entertainment?

·         Can performative arts contribute to the building of self-confidence and the inclusion of the body in effective communication?

·         Can the arts and the media contribute to inclusion by fostering respect for difference, empathy and solidarity?

·         Does the entertainment industry provide opportunities for cultural awareness and critical thinking, or is it just an illustration of the foreign and superficial?

These and other questions will be opened by our speakers. We will decide together whether entertainment in the classroom is a distractor and  a time filler or whether it can become educational. You’ll be invited to reflect  on how your selection, adaptation and design of materials and didactic sequences can go beyond the “education vs. entertainment” dichotomy, generating an “intellect-ment” which develops cognitive and social skills while having fun.

Let´s face this Challenge Together. It will be a pleasure to have you!


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