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Teaching through the Arts
An Inspirational Encounter!

This year, we present our first BAP Annual Event | Teaching through the Arts – An inspirational encounter! and launch the Season 2020.

Four exceptional plays, written and directed by our team, with exclusive scenography, specially designed costumes, original music, lyrics and choreography.

The Gingerbread Boy (Beginners); Master Cat (Young Learners); Quasimodo of Notre Dame (Pre-intermediate to intermediate); The Pretenders (Upper-intermediate to Advanced).

An entire day dedicated to passion-driven teachers, who truly want to make a difference by inspiring their students and transforming the way they experience Art and Learning.

Because we value you, our teachers, we want to encourage you to be the best you can be. We want to help you motivate your students to learn the English language through the performing Arts, living an unforgettable experience.

We will offer you the unique opportunity to fully grasp the “BAP Learning Experience”.

A group of expert teachers will share a Workshop with you that you won't want to miss! During the Workshop, they will show you how to make the best use of our complementary material and successfully merge the theatrical experience with language education. With the use of creative tools and resources, you are sure to awaken your students' motivation and inspiration.

More than 27 years and over 120 memorable productions have rewarded us with the enthusiasm of our audiences and the gratitude of teachers all over the country and abroad.

You cant miss it!

Join us, February 15th, and immerse yourself into a magical “BAP Learning Experience”.

Free of Charge
Fabulous Prizes to be win!
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The Gingerbread Boy
Master Cat
Quasimodo of Notre Dame
The Pretenders
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